Environmentally Green?

LEED credits

Mechanical parking systems are very environmentally friendly. We have developed a white-paper that demonstrates how a project may achieve up to 41 LEED credit points utilizing a mechanical parking solution.

There are several types of LEEDS depending upon the type of building or project that is being developed. Our information is based on the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED New Construction & Major Renovation (V3) and includes the credits that are directly or indirectly impacted through the deployment of mechanical parking solutions. We have highlighted the sections that relate to parking garages and have included comments about how mechanical parking systems relate to obtaining the points for the credit.

Our white-paper should provide designers a considerable advantage when undertaking green projects since it provides the flexibility they need to maximize the project’s efficiency and greatly help to achieve between 22 to 41 points, a substantial amount, of the required 40-49 to be LEED certified.

You may request a copy of our white-paper via our Contact Us form.