What is the price of a mechanical parking space?

The price of a mechanical parking space is highly subjective to the type of solution selected. There are many different types of mechanical parking systems. Selecting the proper system for a particular application and a specific location requires a thorough understanding of each systems capability.

The real value of a mechanical parking system becomes obvious when you begin to realize that a mechanical parking solution will use far less real estate than conventional parking solutions. A mechanical parking solution returns valuable real estate to be utilized in a more profitable way. This is why we refer to mechanical parking solutions as real estate enablers.

In order to save money and receive the best solution for your application we highly recommend retaining a qualified mechanical parking consultant.

Valet Solutions

Valet solutions generally retail between USD $6,500.00 to USD $9,500.00 per space. There is usually a minimum quantity to purchase and discounts for large volume purchases. Valet parking systems are the least expensive and most rapidly deployed mechanical parking solution available. These systems require little or no site preparation and can be delivered and installed quickly.

Self-Park (Automated) Solutions

There are too many system types, variations, options, local requirements and other dependant factors to make publishing prices for self-park solutions practical. In most cases the selected self-park system must be modified and customized to fit the projects’ criteria and local building requirements.

Self-Park systems are sold in components. There are priced per system components, which are components that are required regardless of the number of spaces, and there are priced per space components. The price-per-space is a ratio of system components to the quantity of spaces purchased.

It’s generally safe to assume that a self-park solution will cost 10% to 30% less, per space, than that of a conventional parking garage. However, the mechanical parking solution will park more vehicles in the same volume of real estate or park the same number of vehicles in a much smaller volume of real estate which creates additional savings in land or land utilization.