Which solution is for me?

Mechanical parking systems are used indoors and outdoors, in the ground, on the ground and above the ground. They can be built into existing buildings or they can be a standalone structures. In most cases mechanical parking systems will qualify as machinery and can be depreciated over a shorter period of time than a conventional concrete garage. Which solution is right for you depends on who you are, where you are and what you want to do.

There are many different types of mechanical parking systems. Getting the right system for a particular application and a specific area requires an understanding of what the different systems are capable of doing. In order to receive the best advice and product we highly recommend retaining Stokes Industries as your mechanical parking consultant.

Parking Operator

A parking operator should consider a valet system, which uses the least amount of space to park the most vehicles for the lowest amount of money. The simple two-high, three-high, four-high or five high systems are the most cost-effective. They can be used in tandem, which is one row in front of the other. This really increases the parking density. When used this way you only have to move the bottom vehicle on the front row to have access to all the vehicles on the back row and, as a parking operator, you must have attendants at the location.


As a developer you would mostly be interested in getting the required number of parking spaces while maximizing the marketable area to maximize returns. This can be done easily with mechanical parking systems because you will be able to park the same or more vehicles in a smaller space. The type of system you would use depends on where it will be located: above ground, below ground or vertically inside the structure. Each of these configurations has its special advantages. You could look at horizontal circulation , vertical circulation or a warehouse type system if you have a large horizontal ground space. If you have very limited ground space and you should look at the tower systems.


Architects sometimes find that they need a parking system that will fit in a very unusual space, which is something mechanical parking systems can do extremely well. There are many versions of entrances and exits that allow mechanical systems to be designed for use in places where a ramp isn’t feasible. Outdoor systems can be covered with numerous varieties of material to make them look appealing. The vertical circulation systems and horizontal circulation systems are great for hiding vehicles away in inaccessible places. Another solution is the lift-slide system.


Perhaps spreading the parking around a little can help keep the traffic problems down. It is sometimes a better plan to put in several small tower style parking facilities that can store a lot of vehicles rather than a very large parking facility. If you are looking for a very large parking facility, then the warehouse system may be for you.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Your biggest problem is the need to build more buildings and the only land you have for the new buildings is currently being used for parking. Because of the exceptionally high density of mechanical parking systems, you will be able to park three times, as many vehicles, or more, in any given space. And the cost will be less than building concrete structures. If you have a parking company with attendants, you should consider a valet system. If you're going to build a big garage then the warehouse system may be best, however a lift-slide system can be installed in a lot of small spaces all around your complex to provide parking where it's needed.

Vehicle Dealership

As a vehicle dealer your priority is keeping your inventory safe and close at hand. You also need to provide spaces for your service department in addition to your employees. A valet system would be your most economical but the Self-Park systems also will give you a big advantage.

Shopping Mall

As a shopping mall operator you need to get customers in and out without any effort and enable them to park as close as possible to their favorite store. Because of the higher density of mechanical parking systems, more vehicles can be parked in any location. Warehouse type parking systems can be placed below ground or above ground as you require and can offer several easy entrances and exits.

Home User

Home users can benefit most from a standalone valet unit such as the cantilever or 4-Post. These can be installed in your driveway or your garage and when one vehicle is raised in the air the other vehicle can drive under it. This is great for keeping those classic vehicles out of the way until you want to use them, or giving you another parking space so Jr. doesn't park in the street.