Display Towers

Display Towers come in two basic configurations.

The most economical are the Manually Operated 2-High to 5-High systems.

2 Level Manual Display Tower
4 Level Manual Display Tower
Manually Operated Display Tower Side View

The Manually Operated Display Tower operates in a “First In-Last out” configuration. This means that the topmost vehicle is the first one loaded and the last one unloaded.

Manually operated systems generally are limited to 5-High. Each individual system is considered as a DISPLAY COLUMN. Each Display Column is powered by its own hydraulic lifting means. A tower can have as many COLUMNS as desired. Each hydraulic lifting means is configured to be concealed from view within the tower structure.

The Automatically Operated Display Tower’s can be as many as 11 levels.

8 Level Display Tower
Inside Display Tower

The Automatically Operated Display Tower operates in a “Random Access” configuration. This means that any car can be individually retrieved by the system at any time. The vehicles are moved in the system by a TRANSPORTER. The Transporter can be configured to work with as many as 4 DISPLAY COLUMNS. The vehicle Display Columns are attached to the tower structure and the transporter raises and lowers vehicles placing them in the Display Columns.

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