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Viewing Note: To convey realism, this website shows mostly photographs taken on the job by Stokes Industries engineers. These are not staged photographs, they are real.

Display Systems

Stokes Industries specialize in all kinds of Display Systems.

If you need an elaborate mechanical Display Tower or something as simple as an elegant Turntable in the display room. You may need a hydraulic Ramp to get vehicles into the showroom? Let Stokes Industries solve your Display Challenges.

Material Handling

Stokes Industries has developed custom material handling solutions for retail establishments, restaurants, manufacturers, shipping companies and construction companies.

If you just need to pick up and move a shipping container, store vehicles on an upper floor, simply rotate a vehicle, move heavy supplies to load a machine, sanitize equipment, move delicate equipment without breaking the ice or remove tons of rocks from below a New York skyscraper Stokes Industries is at your service.


Stokes Industries is the expert in all types of mechanical parking systems: Automated, Semi-Automated, and Attendant Operated.

Stokes filed their first parking parking patent more than 30 years ago. Since that time Stokes Industries has been a leader in the design of modern parking systems. If you just want to park one car over another, or if you want to stack them more than 100 feet tall, let Stokes Industries address your Parking Challenge.

Petroleum Industry

Stokes Industries has many years’ experience addressing Petroleum Industry challenges.

If you are Service Company, Drilling Company, Logging Company, building Pump Jacks, or expanding a Pipeline, Stokes Industries can help you with your Petroleum Industry Challenges.


Automation is a specialty for Stokes Industries and is included in most of our products. We help automate other products as well. Take a look at our Coin-Operated Tire Sealant Machine or the Russian Tea Room Diorama.

More Challenges

PROBLEM: MANUFACTURE needs tire sealant dispenser.
SOLUTION: Provide prototype for Coin-Operated Machine.

PROBLEM: RESTAURANT to recondition antique diorama.
SOLUTION: Update Automation System.

PROBLEM: STORAGE FACILITY needs to use upper floor.
SOLUTION: Build outdoor Material Handling System.

PROBLEM: COSMETICS CO has problem loading large blender.
SOLUTION: Install Hydraulically Operated Platform.

PROBLEM: HOSPITALS needs to sanitize equipment.
SOLUTION: Use Lightweight UVC Sanitizer.

PROBLEM: AUTO MFG needs to store clay models safely.
SOLUTION: Use Custom Design Platform.

PROBLEM: CONSTRUCTION CO to relocate shipping containers.
SOLUTION: Use portable Hydraulic Container Lift

PROBLEM: RESTAURANT to safely move large ice sculptures.
SOLUTION: Redesign Ice Cart.

PROBLEM: DEVELOPER needs additional parking.
SOLUTION: Install Tower Parking machine.

PROBLEM: Downtown wants additional parking without valets.
SOLUTION: Install Semi-Automatic parking lifts.

PROBLEM: CITY PARKING needs better Bicycle/Motorcycle parking.
SOLUTION: Coin operated Bicycle/Motorcycle parking lifts.

PROBLEM: BUILDING OWNER must park in Alley
SOLUTION: Automated Alleyway Lift system.

PROBLEM: GARAGE OWNER needs more parking.
SOLUTION: Park over ramps with No-Post Lift.

PROBLEM: TRANSIT COMPANY has problem parking Buses
SOLUTION: Use 3-High Bus Lift.

SOLUTION: Install Manually Operated Lifts.

PROBLEM: DRILLING COMPANY loses count of drill stems.
SOLUTION: Design Electronic Device to count pipe joints.

PROBLEM: LOGGING COMPANY compare old and new charts.
SOLUTION: Send new Chart Data over radio for comparison.

PROBLEM: PIPELINE COMPANY increase flow rate.
SOLUTION: Install Integrated Control System for 1/4 point pumps.

PROBLEM: PUMPING CO increase performance of heavy duty pump.
SOLUTION: Design new Control Circuit for pump.

PROBLEM: Excavate rock from beneath CARNEGIE HALL.
SOLUTION: Install 2 Heavy Duty Lifts for front loaders.

PROBLEM: CAR DEALER wants to display new cars.
SOLUTION: Use Display Tower.

PROBLEM: CAR SHOWROOM needs ramp for access.
SOLUTION: Use Hydraulically Operated Ramp for easy access.

PROBLEM: ARCHITECT needs to rotate cars.
SOLUTION: Use Turntable to rotate vehicle to any angle.