Material Handling

Stokes Industries develops custom material handling solutions for specialized purposes.

Container Lift

It is much more economical to move Shipping Containers with standard flatbed trucks, but loading and unloading them, until now, required special equipment. Stokes Industries has designed and PATENTED a device to make this easy.

Container Fully Raised
Container Lift Fully Raised

Construction Lifts

When Carnegie Hall, in Manhattan, wanted to build a new concert center beneath the existing concert hall, tons of solid rock and rubble needed to be excavated and removed. All of the rubble excavated was collected with front loaders.

Unloading Platform at Carnegie Hall

Car Storage Facility Lift

CAR STORAGE FACILITY needed an economical means to move cars to their upper level for storage. Stokes Industries designed and external Material Handling System to raise and lower cars, without drivers, to avoid costly elevators.

Lower Position

Custom Platform Design

AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER needs to park full-scale clay models of future designs on platforms for safekeeping. Or you may need nesting platforms or heavy duty platforms for construction equipment. Let’s Stokes Industries analyze your needs.

Special Cut out Platforms for Clay Models


If you need to easily rotate a vehicle to get around a tight corner, if you want to eliminate backing up, or you just want an elegant display, you need a Turntable.

Turntable Eliminates Backing out of Garage

Manufacturing Company Machine Loading

A Cosmetics Company needed to fill very large commercial mixers from the top with, hazardous material. The material had to be carefully measured and loaded. Stokes Industries designed a hydraulically operated platform which allowed the material to be placed on it at floor level then raised to the upper level for loading.

Commercial Mixer/Autoclave

UV-C Sanitizer

UV-C Sanitizers designed for small movable equipment can be custom designed by Stokes Industries to your requirements. Lightweight, movable and easy to assemble. Lights are only turned on when the equipment is being moved through the sanitizer. Manual or Automatic feed available.

Sanitizer with Shopping Carts

Custom Restaurant Equipment

Tavern on the Green in New York City needed to move large ice sculptures and other delicate displays so Stokes Industries was asked to design a cart for this purpose.

Tavern on the Green Entrance