Russian Tea Room Diorama

When the 2nd theater for Carnegie Hall was being excavated and built the world famous Russian Tea Room was being remodeled. The Tea Room was opened in 1927, and has been a landmark in Manhattan NY. One of its many unique features was a large diorama showing a Russian village as it goes through the seasons of the year.

Russian Tea Room Entrance
Tea Room Interior

This diorama was installed when the restaurant was built and was not working at the time it was remodeled. The diorama was being used only as a static display. Stokes Industries Co. LTD was asked to see if they could get the diorama to work. The two main problems were that the control circuit and electrical wiring from 1927 was completely outdated and in the wintertime, it was supposed to snow.

Stokes Industries Co. LTD rebuilt the control circuit, rewired the equipment replaced broken parts and, YES, did get it to snow!