Rotary System

Rotary Parking Machines:

The Rotary Parking System has been around for a very long time. It is one of the oldest forms of automated parking systems. It works like an elongated Ferris Wheel. It requires a little over three standard parking spaces on the ground.

1930 Rotary Park NYC
22-Space Rotary Park

The cars are parked on platforms which are connected to chains,. The chains are connected together and form a complete circle. Rotary machines are generally installed at ground level and the cars enter and leave from the center lane. However, they can be mounted slightly below grade which allows the cars to enter from both sides. They are commonly used when space is at an absolute minimum.

Rotary systems are generally designed for 8 to 22 vehicles. However some systems have been built for as many as 52 vehicles.

8-High Rotary Park

While Rotary systems occupy slightly less ground space than a vertical shuttle system they operate have more moving parts and are slower to operate.

Rotary Systems can be standalone systems fully open, as shown above. Or they can be architecturally enclosed. In many cases they are built into the core of buildings. When installed in buildings they need to have noise isolation.