Vertical Shuttle

The Vertical Shuttle System generally has two columns of cars located on either side of the machine and a transporter, located in the center. The transporter raises and lowers vehicles to a storage space. Once the transporter is at the proper level it moves the vehicle to the storage space. These systems can be made any height – above, below, or split grade.

Inside Shuttle from Top
Shuttle System Artist Conception
Shuttle Park Attached To Building

Shuttle systems can be standalone, attached to a building or completely enclosed in the building.. Vertical Shuttle Systems can be completely above ground, partially below ground or completely below ground.

20 Level Shuttle Standalone

Shuttle Entrance with Turntable

When space is really at a minimum, and the only way you can go is up, the vertical shuttle system is the answer. Vertical shuttle systems are the modern version of the Carousel. They can park more cars and retrieve them faster. Shuttle parking systems need to be configured to your real estate environment. Contact Stokes Industries for help with your shuttle system challenge.